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T-shirt made by Travelocity. The Gnome and Mandy (Miranda) still have not met.

Mandy is the voice of Travelocity.  I have worked with her on a regular – sometimes weekly – basis for 12 years, coaching each recording session via phone.  She is wonderful to work with, able to adapt, take direction, and get just the right nuance on every prompt.  My favorite example is a prompt where I knew the first take wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but I didn’t quite yet know how to verbalize what I wanted instead.  I made some kind of non-verbal negative noise, and without missing a beat, Mandy redelivered the line with exactly what I wanted.

Jenni McKienzie
VUI Designer

This work is contracted through Marketing Messages





Awesome work and great voice. Mandy was able to not only record and produce the narration within a tight time frame but also to translate nebulous directions to the perfect voice, cadence and sound editing. She was flexible to accommodate the needs of the video producer too. Will hire her again at a heartbeat.


Mandy is not only a stellar voice talent but also an incredible person. She worked hard to produce the most professional sounding voice over, and was flexible to work back and forth to not only get the right tone, but also to edit and re-edit the sound track to perfection.
Aside from being a top notch voice talent, Mandy is al funny in person and over email, and just makes working with her a wonderful experience. I will hire her again at a heart beat!

Orie Zacklad

Mandy at Dandysound is the #1 most-requested voice by our clients.  This makes us happy, because she's our #1 favorite voice talent to work with.  She's got the smarts and command of the language to match her vocal talent, and can make the trickiest scripts intelligible, charming and compelling.  (The fact that she's also an audio engineer - well, heck, how much more can you put in one package!)

Matthew Dunn
Chief Explainer
Say It Visually!

I feel great about the project and glad I chose Mandy for the job!!  Super Professional and Easy to work with.

Erin Thompson

Mandy is a true professional. She has an amazing voice which enable brands come alive. It was a pleasure to work with someone as talented as her. Great Job!!


Dear Mandy,

I want to thank you for your unfailing VOs through the years.  I take personal pride in the TV commercial production process, and have many favorite memories.  I have blended your voice with music and visual content over and over again, with results that not only thrill me, but captivate television audiences.  Your voice overs have consistently been a wonderful contribution to my client's success as well as my own.

Thank you Mandy,

Bill Hibbs
Academy Productions & Advertising
54 Old Oak Avenue
Westminster, MA  01473
Phone- 978-874-0257
FAX- 978-874-1247


Mandy has a voice and creativity which are unmatched. Her jovial personality makes her a pleasure to work with. In addition, she is patient, focused and talented beyond words.

Payal Kumar
Former Broadcast Director, KKJZ FM


March 2008
We’ve been working with Mandy for almost three years, and she’s one of our top go-to voiceover artists. Along with her terrific voice, Mandy possesses a strong sense of what’s “right” for a read, and she takes direction really well. The material may not always be exciting, but Mandy manages to make even mundane copy sound interesting.

She’s easy to work with, offers quick turnaround, and – above all – has a great sense of humor. We love working with her, and we’re proud to have her as a member of the extended Tube team.

Christine Monaco
Producer/Creative Partner
Tube Media Production, Inc

When I think "OK, who do I call?" Mandy is at the top of my list! She comes through in a pinch, and always gives a truly expert script read. If you're looking for that so-subtle inflection - Mandy is your master!

Ryan Robbins
Media Producer
a service of Jingle Networks, Inc.

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Dear Dandysound,
I can’t thank you enough for your prompt delivery of a recorded voicemail message for my company. It is critical to the success of my business that my clients receive the utmost professionalism at all times. Quite often, I receive calls from new clients whom I’ve never met before, and they are sent in to our voicemail. If we’re not able to receive the call, Mandy’s eloquent voicemail recording answers with the utmost professionalism and quality. Sometimes, I’ll call the voicemail myself just to hear how pleased I am with the decision to go with Dandysound!

Cheers to you and your business.

Warmest Regards,

Elizabeth O’Neil
Red Ribbon Eve
Party Planning and Personal Shopping


I'm breathlessly enthusuastic after a whirlwind tour of your Dandysound and Voice 123 pages.  I really like your V 123 page and the Dandysound pages are marvelously fun AND totally functional.  What more could I ask?  Sorry I haven't some huge -- or even minor -- project to beg you to take on, just to demonstrate how completely and happily sold I am.

Uncle Dan


Mandy is extremely creative, her education and experience has given her an edge when in comes to communicating on radio, in voice over products and written communications. She can solve almost any problem, while remaining calm and composed no matter what challenges or obstacles are in the way of achieving her goals.

Gessica Tortolano
Former Creative Manager, Scudder Kemper



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