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10 Things I Know About... Voiceover


The way your company sounds is as important as the way it looks. By using a voiceover actor (VOA) you put your best sound forward. The world of voiceover is littered with pros and hobbyists. It’s up to you to find the one voice that can represent your company.


Networking Is ‘Fantastic' For Biz & Brings 6,000 More Web Hits!
July 7, 2008
By John Florian
Agents will help, but drumming up voice-over business is mostly YOUR job. Period.
And voice actor Mandy Nelson can add an exclamation point to that advice with recent results from her extensive networking.
“It’s been fantastic for business and caused hits to my site to increase by more than six thousand!” says Mandy, who with audio engineer husband Dan operates Dandysound in the Boston, Mass area.

Smooth Operator

By Lylah M. Alphonse

June 29, 2008

So I might hear you on the other end of the phone when I call a customer service line. Describe your voice.

Depending on the application, it can be pleasant and hypnotic, energetic and young, or soft and sultry. I don't try to do accents, but I can change the tone of my voice easily. [For samples, go to Dandysound.com.]

 Cool Careers ~ Meet the Voice-Over Experts of Dandysound

By Tine Roycroft

Take a love story, a passion for good audio, a recording booth and you’ve got Dandysound – a Worcester voice-over company that meets all of your professional audio needs.  The producers and vocal talents of Dandysound pride themselves on creating crisp, freshly made-to-order audio clips.  No piece is ever finished until the recording is exactly how the client envisioned it.

Have Video, Need Voice
Febuary 1, 2010

Remember that book “The World is Flat” by Thomas L. Friedman?

Well, it just got a little flatter.

At least that’s how I felt recently as I interviewed Mandy Nelson, a voiceover artist based in Worcester, who’s seeing her business evolve in an interesting direction as the demand for online video increases in the business world.

The Newest VO Opp Is Right In Your Town: Internet Marketing
By Mandy Nelson
Voice Actor
 February 2010
I'm hardly the one to turn to when it comes to marketing trends, but my eyes are open and my mic is always on for new opportunities.
And the newest VO opp is right in your own town - Internet marketing.
Early in 2009 I joined yet another web service to get my voice out there for potential clients to hear. All I had to do was put my profile online, pass a little test that proved I knew how the site worked, and sit back and wait for the bags 'o cash to be delivered to my doorstep.
Studio On The Go: Packing For The Perfect 'Worktation'
By Mandy Nelson
Voice Actor

Recently I was on a mission. I took my first ever 'Workation.'
In the past I would contact my clients and say that I’d be away for a week. They would tell me to enjoy myself, then send me a mountain of work that needed to be done before I quite possibly died while I was away.
Inevitably, when I returned, because I hadn't died yet, there would be more work to do because they rushed scripts and hadn’t worded something right or left something out.
Well, this time I wasn’t having any more of that. So I bought myself the pretty and stylish Micport Pro preamp. Then I packed the following gear into my carry-on bag and hit the road ...


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